Debbie Jones

Floral Preservation & Design


I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful framed bouquet of my wedding flowers. The flowers look so perfect I cannot believe they have been preserved.


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Hi, my name is Debbie, preservation specialist, floral designer, Mum of two, grower of Peonies and the face behind Ambers Rose. My daughter Amber and I preserve bridal bouquets, manufacture dried flowers for design and grow Peonies for confetti.

So how did it all come about, well it didn’t just happen overnight. Far from it! I had always loved flowers from a young age merrily walking along with my Grandfather as he drilled plug plants in long rows, picking up all that he ‘dropped’ and proudly handing them over at the end! I started learning then and have never stopped.

Ambers arrival in the world gave me the chance to change career from Engineer to full time Mum and I enrolled on a college course in Horticulture. I was hooked, like a sponge I soaked up the information and when the course ended immediately enrolled on the next. Fast forward several years and the oppertunity arose to rent a small piece of land to grow my own stock. I chose a selection of old Historic Roses, the forerunners of the modern David Austins and a random assortment of Peonies which I still sell as cut flowers.

Around 2013 I returned to college to study Floristry to learn how to design. I found the mechanics of structural floral design fascinating, probably a throwback to my Engineering days, discovering how things worked. That was the catalyst for learning how to preserve flowers, the techniques gained through arduous trial and error. We started manufacturing dried flowers and confetti from our flowers and now sell to Crafters, Florists, Brides and Home Makers direct from stock grown and harvested by hand.

In 2018 we won the North Norfolk District Council New Business Award which we are proud to have achieved. It is testiment to the pride we place in each piece we design. Every piece we produce has been created by hand, here in the UK. Each frame is hand crafted by a specialist team, each flower selected and worked by ourselves. As it states on our boxes “These flowers were grown with love, we hope you love them too’ x


Winner of the John Innes trophy horticulture

The First Peonies went in

Preservation Trials Began 2015

North norfolk new business award winner


I used Ambers Rose to preserve my wedding bouquet. The result was outstanding! Such a wonderful keepsake from such a special day. Exactly what I was looking for.


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