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So You Want To Have Your Bouquet Preserved – Top Tips on getting the best deal!

Preserving Your Flowers? Here’s what you should know

So your wedding day has been the happiest day of your life – You have laughed, danced, kissed and hugged your way through the most memorable date in everyones calender and there’s one more thing you want to do…You want to preserve you wedding flowers. But where to start? If you are planning a wedding, keep our handy guide to hand as we talk you through the pros and cons of choosing your Floral Preservation.

 Floral Paperweights
Floral Paperweights

When should I book in? Quite simply the earlier the better. Although we can take in bouquets up to a week after you wedding day, blemishes will be magnified during the preservation process so THE FRESHER THEY ARE THE BETTER!

How long does it take? Generally your flowers will take between 14 – 21 days to preserve plus addition time for the finished method of presentation. Our frames are hand made and totally bespoke, created just for your flowers and this will take time. Generally we advise 2-3 months from receipt of your flowers.

For resin products the turnaround time is much quicker and most pieces will be ready within 3 weeks.

Different flowers require different methods of preservation and when we receive your flowers we will advise you on timings. At the same time we will look over your flowers and advise you of any flowers that are damaged and would benefit from being replaced. Bringing a handful of spares from the reception is a great way to save on unneccessary expense.

Will my flowers look like they do now? Some flowers may slightly change colour during the preservation process and over time. This is entirely natural and down to chemical reactions within the flower itself. Some whites will yellow slightly whilst some reds may deepen in colour. We use different techniques for the individual flowers learnt over many years of preservation to achieve the best results and I am not exaggerating to say I can spot one of our flowers in designs from across the country. The end product is dependant on the expertise and skill of the preserver and the method used. Look for the tell tale signs of preservation quality:

Are your flowers the same shape, colour and texture as the fresh flower? An experienced preservation specialist will not only preserve your blooms but maintain their colour, texture and shape. Are there any brown patches on the flowers especially to the base and central petals? There is a strong chance that your flowers will rot from the inside out epecially if moisture has entered the petals. The rotting process may not be evident immediately but will spread over time. Avoid misting the flower heads where possible to prevent water settling between the petals. Do the flowers look discoloured and crispy in appearance? They have been out of water too long. Try recutting the stems if the flowers are wilting but if they are crispy its too late. Air dried flowers will have this appearance and this is something you can do at home. Try this technique on Nigella seedheads, Poppy seedheads, Helichrysum and Grasses. I do not recommend air drying your bridal flowers unless you like the discoloured, dry, dessicated look. Do I need to order a throwing bouquet? Not neccessarily. If you are having a full framed bouquet then I would say yes. But if you are choosing resin we can use the best flowers from your bouquet.

Ask to see examples of work and compare them to others on the market. Your specialist should be able to tell the best preservation method for your bouquet and advise you on the available methods of presentation.

What does air drying look like? well frankly, SADLY OFTEN like this. Deceased, dead, dying, expired call it what you will – THERE’S NO WAY YOU’RE GOING TO BRING THOSE BEUTS BACK TO LIFE!!!!

 Air dried preservation - where the stems are allowed to dry naturally
Air dried preservation – where the stems are allowed to dry naturally

How can I have my flowers preserved and save money? Preservation by a reputable specialist takes time and skill and rebuilding a bouquet is not easy. When you think about the work involved cataloguing, recording, dissassembly, preservation, assembly, frame and delivery the care that is spent on your flowers is longer than preparing the original bouquet, on top of that you are replicating somebody elses style. It is not a process that can be rushed or cut corners with but you can save money if you ask the right questions.

Ask us if there is space in the drier for spares. We have space for 500 flowers at once so if you have family that would like a momento ask us. You only pay one preservation fee which will save you £££££’s. You can then either opt to take the flowers home as they are or have them made up into gifts. We run workshops in preservation design; contact us for details or opt into our newsletter for updates. Spread the cost of payments. Ask for gift vouchers as presents towards the cost of your preservation or purchase some over the months leading up to your wedding.

Ask about the resin options. We design many of the molds we use ourselves so if you have an idea in mind ask us, we just might be able to turn it into reality. There are new lines being added all the time and with prices from £40 there really is something for everyone.

If you have a question ask me, Debbie at info@ambersrose.co.uk. I am also fully qualified in Floristry and Horticulure and have a bit of a thing for flowers!

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