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Bouquet Preservation

You can be assured that your bouquet preservation has been finished by professional crafters. All of our products are handmade using the finest components. Our frames are made of solid wood, handcrafted and finished in clarity glass which reflects the suns rays whilst being so clear it doesn’t appear to be there at all. 

We have designed the backing for ease of removal should you ever need to clean inside which is a real bonus to remove annoying harvest midges. Your bouquet will last you years and we offer a colour enhancement service if you ever need it. 

Have a browse through our products and don’t forget we can make additional pieces for loved ones from left over flowers which make great gifts for Mums and Nans. Booking is advised before your wedding but we can take in orders up to a week after your wedding date. We offer a nationwide service and it is advised to contact us if you wish to use postal delivery by email, phone or facebook.

Preservation fee £140. This covers preservation, cataloguing, monitoring, assembly and mount. Fee is redeemable on the finished framed item. Prices below include the cost of preservation. 

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Step 1. Book in before your wedding and arrange for your bouquet to be delivered to us

Step 2. We measure, photograph and sketch your bouquet to prepare for preservation

Ambers Rose Award winning flower Preservation

Step 3. Your flowers are preserved

Step 4. your flowers are assembled to your choice of finish

on arrival

The first thing we do is assess the flowers for damage, those flowers get a lot of love during the day and need a thorough check as any imperfections are magnified during the preservation process. We can then catalogue, photograph, sketch and measure the flowers to enable us to reconstruct your bouquet exactly. That’s right – it all has to be taken apart and reassembled. It helps us if you can bring a handful of reception flowers with you, that way if we do need to replace anything there are no additional costs. This can be really useful for buttonholes as they get a lot of love during the day. I do love receiving a world weary buttonhole because it means its owner had a lot of hugs!

The next phase is the preservation and this can take up to 4 weeks depending on the methods we need to use. During this phase your flowers are monitored daily and it is during this time that we may contact you if you have not decided on the finished display option. Generally, by the time you return from your honeymoon the flowers will be preserved and ready for reassembly.

If you choose to have a traditional frame the flowers will be assembled and the frame constructed to show them to their best effect. All the frames are handmade in solid wood by a team of skilled professionals. We fit our frames with clarity glass as standard and all frames are fitted with a quick release backing for ease of cleaning. We developed this technique to prevent those annoying harvest midges ruining the effect of your beautiful flowers and we are the only manufacturer using this process. This whole process can take up to 3 months to complete, we pride craftsmanship over a quick turnaround so please be patient. As soon as your frame is ready we will call you and arrange a time for collection and for payment of the outstanding balance.

If you do not live in Norfolk do not despair, we offer a nationwide coverage. If you intend to use this service please let us know at time of booking.

It is best to book in advance to guarantee drying space. We are a small independent business and during the peak season it is not unusual to receive five requests for the same day. As a rule of thumb think book venue – book preservation. Your place is secured with a booking fee of £140 which is redeemable off the finished product. We regret the booking fee is non refundable as the space is allocated to you and we will be turning other work away for that period.

For best effect position your flowers out of direct sunlight and away from humid atmospheres. Your finished frame will give you years of pleasure. The question I am asked the most is how long will the colour last? This will depend on how you care for your flowers but all colour will mellow over time. This is part of the natural ageing process much as you would see on your carpet or upholstery, it is normal and we offer a retouch service if needed for the future.

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