Soft, Natural and 100% bio degradable. Rose, Peony and Cornflower petal confetti grown and harvested by hand direct from the field. No additives guaranteed. Freeze dried confetti is lightweight, chemical free and retains its softness. Suitable for throwing, confetti aisles, table confetti, Packaged in 1 litre sealed boxes the petals will last for a year enabling you to stock up before they sell out.

Confetti – Can you pass the confetti test?

Are you boggled by biodegradable, floundering on freeze dried or just plain confused by confetti? I’m not surprised, with so many words being thrown around such a simple accessory – JUST WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL ABOUT CONFETTi?

1. Biodegradable confetti is just that, it will naturally degrade over time but check with your venue because some will only allow real petal confetti.

2. Air dried confetti is dried naturally and is easily recognisable, the colours are dull, it feels dry and a bit clumpy. Air dried confetti is easily produced by hanging stems upside down in a well ventilated space until completely dry. Many companies offer free confetti to entice customers. but you can harvest the flower heads and dry them at home yourself. Confetti dried in the microwave/AGA fall into this category. Price varies from free up to £10/litre. Commonly used for Potpourri.

3. Manufactured Fibre Confetti has fallen out of favour as venues opt for a natural alternative but readily available and cheap to buy. Usually supplied in small tubs <£3

4. Paper confetti again also banned by some venues but inexpensive and readily available. Used in confetti balloons.

5. Throwing confetti is generally made from a mixture of silica or freeze dried petals. The mixture is available in different flowers/colours and will gently fall in layers capturing those confetti moment shots. The colours are true to the fresh flower and petals are wide, open and SOFT. Production time is around 14 days for bespoke orders to be manufactured.

6. Table confetti or premium confetti is freeze dried generally from rose heads. the colour and shape of the petals are true to the fresh flower. Avoid flowers that have been dyed as they can leech colour in extremes of temperature. If you turn a flower upside down dyed flowers are the same colour from stem to petal and have a slight waxy/wet feel. A litre of premium confetti will cost around £8-£10/litre and gives 10 handfuls of confetti or enough for 8 tables of light coverage.

7. Spritz a light spray over your petals the night before for a gentle fragrance if your petals are unscented.

8. Create an entrance with a confetti aisle. Available in lines or patterns, swirls and whirls. Use freeze dried confetti for a uniform effect.

9. Save your bouquet flowers to make confetti for the next family wedding

10. That leaves just one thing to do,,,, time to use some of those petals for a luxurious petal bath, light some scented candles and reeelax!

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