Plant dyed silk ribbon

Natural Dyed Silk Bridal Ribbons

Pure 100% luxurious silk. Ambers Rose Hand Dyed Ribbon are totally made from 100% natural plant dyes. Plant based dyes are unique in colouring, creating a soft palette of colour to compliment and style your special event. Made using natural plant extract each dye has its own characteristics that change through the season as the plant matures, just as you see in nature creating natural hues and luxurious feel.

We stock a range of bouquet ribbon in silk or silk velvet with a range of co ordinating cheesecloth gauze table runners and napkins finished with hand torn, frayed soft edges.

Looking for those finishing touches then try our eco friendly, bio degradable petal confetti. We’ve taken the hard work out of choosing the confetti to compliment your wedding, harvesting field grown Rose, Peony and Cornflower direct from the field – no additives just as nature intended. Just like our ribbons, the confetti is natural, harvested by hand, fully bio degradable and soft to the touch – the perfect finish for those confetti shots.

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