Pressed & Natural Frames

Pressed and Unpressed Mixture

Smaller than our full framed bouquets using a selection of your flowers, preserved and designed, with solid wood deep box frame surround.

When your flowers arrive we will preserve them using a combination of pressed and freeze dried flowers to create a framed design.

These designs are created direct on to a flat surface unlike the full framed bouquets which have a 3D raised profile.  (a mixture of the full framed bouquet and pressed frame styles)

Our Preserved bouquets are preserved using the latest freeze dry technology and Ambers Rose Preservation are one of the few UK Preservation Specialists offering Freeze Drying as standard. Freeze Drying extracts moisture under pressure leaving colour and shape intact giving sharper colour results and retention compared to other drying methods. We strongly advise booking in advance for this service.

Our frames are handmade in solid wood, with UV reflective clarity glass and easy release backing for ease of cleaning should you ever need to remove annoying midges. Frames are finished ready to hang, you just need to choose a space out of direct sunlight and humidity.

We accept flowers from throughout the UK but advise personal collection of completed frames due to the delicate nature of the flowers once dried. For availability please contact


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