14.5cm Heart – Bouquet Preservation – Sympathy Keepsake Heart Shape 14.5cm

14.5cm Heart – Bouquet Preservation – Sympathy Keepsake Heart Shape 14.5cm


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Our second largest heart

Handmade item
Real flowers in resin
Approx 14.5cm wide x 4.5cm deep Weight 900g

We advise sending your flowers by Next Day Delivery. Ideal for flowers up to standard rose rose size, buds, petals. We will require approximately three handfuls of flowers per heart in a mixed selection of flowers and colours.

This is a hand made item and will take approximately 2/3 weeks to prepare orders. At peak times please allow for extended delivery dates. For urgent orders please indicate URGENT when placing your order.

Air bubbles may be visible, this is entirely natural and part of the characteristics of the resin but if you do not wish to see air bubbles we advise against resin and advise an alternative preservation technique. We cannot reimburse for air bubbles, they are extremely difficult to eradicate and are part of the charm of each individual piece.

The 14.5cm heart is perfect for medium to large roses. The 14cm heart is large enough to display 3 large rose heads compared to a single rose in the 10cm heart .

For a visual guide to heart sizes the second image shows from front to rear; 7cm heart, 10cm heart, 14.5cm heart, 24.5cm heart and swirly heart to the left.