Pink Peony Petal Confetti-1 Litre Box (sealed) Air Dried

Pink Peony Petal Confetti-1 Litre Box (sealed) Air Dried


Equivalent to 2 Pints or 10 handfuls. We have boxes of darker and light pink petals available

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Air dried confetti. Our confetti is natural, chemical and additive free.  We harvest Peony and Rose petals direct from the field and seal in that natural freshness so you can enjoy them longer. Mix smaller and larger petal together for that confetti shot to remember. Hand produced in Norfolk, England. Air dried confetti is different in appearance to freeze dried confetti and suitable for throwing confetti.

1 Litre box of natural petal confetti. Petal colour in sealed boxes will last for 18 months in storage. Store away from direct sunlight and humid atmospheres. Natural Product ·Real Peonies ·Handpicked eco friendly confetti ·Air Dried Petals · Natural colour Each box contains 1 Litre of petals – enough for 10 good sized handfuls




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