Real Flower Candles

Real Flower Candles



Real Flower Floral keepsake made to order with your own flowers. Wedding…Christening….Sympathy Keepsakes

Suitable for small flower heads and leaves/confetti…. Larger flower heads may be used in petal form alongside smaller flowers.

Your flowers are are preserved using the latest technology and finished in a special resin finish to minimise colour change. The technology we use to preserve your flowers is the premium service on the market. Flowers retain their shape with minimal colour loss. Please note some flowers may change colour slightly during preservation which is entirely normal and due to the genetics of the plant ie whites may become ivory and reds may deepen in colour.

Candles can be sold as scented or unscented

Gel wax and real flowers

Supplied with lid and presentation box in 20cl glass

Designed as a keepsake. Although the candle contains a wick this item is designed for decorative use only.

Candle can be personalised with lettering or date

How many flowers do I need to send?
Ideally 3 handfuls handful per sphere plus a few spares. This will allow me to choose the best blooms and replace any damaged pieces. This is particularly important for garden roses or David Austin Roses which typically have large open blooms and carry scent which drop petals very easily. the flower may be used or added as heart shaped cut outs from the petals.