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As Florists ourselves we know how much love goes into creating the perfect bouquet, the delight at that first glimpse, the effect you have on your fiance and loved ones as you walk down the aisle, that first photograph as husband and wife. There are so many memories attached to your flowers so why throw them away.

We have been capturing those memories in time since 2015. Using the latest freeze drying technology your flowers will go through several stages of preservation; each stem catalogued, photographed, sketched and monitored before finally being reassembled. How you choose to display your flowers is up to you, with so many choices from wall frames, photo frames, bell jars, gift frames, paperweights, flower cubes. Whichever you choose your home will have a lasting display of your magical day.


 Preserved Daffodils taking centre stage
Preserved Daffodils taking centre stage
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